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Day trip to Brighton beach

Brighton is an English seaside resort.

In less than an hour you can reach the popular vacation spot by train.

In addition to a beach, the place also offers numerous restaurants and shops.

Beware of the seagulls, they are always looking for thoughtless tourists who want to eat their food on the beach.

For a romantic overnight stay, I can recommend the Old Ship four-star hotel, it is next the beach and has a great breakfast buffet

The highlight is the British Airway Tower. From £ 13.50 (last updated in 2020) you can enjoy a great view of the beach, the sea and Brighton.

In the evening you see a great sunset from there.

It is best to order tickets online.

British Airways prescribes to be there half an hour earlier and they are very precise, so better be on time.

Brighton Hotel
A sunny day at Brighton Pier Sunny

Airway Tower Brighton

Hotel Old Ship

British Airway Tower

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