Woolacombe beach


Woolacombe has a beautiful beach. Probably the prettiest beach in the UK.


The beach is stunning because of its very natural surroundings, lots of green grass and trees. You’ll also be pleased to hear that there are no big streets next to the beach.


On the weekend lots of young people and couples are coming here in their camper vans for surfing.


After October, the tourist traffic declines a bit, some restaurants are only open for main season. If you are staying in an apartment and you are planning on cooking some of your meals, be aware there is only a very tiny shop in Woolacombe; the next biggest shop is a Tesco in Ilfracombe, about 15 minutes by car. If you are traveling in a group or larger family, there are stunning cottages for rent directly at the beach. After the main season you can also bring your dog to the beach.


A nice adventure is the 3-hour hike along the cost to Clyde Beach with impressive views. There are also convenient benches dotted around to enjoy the view.

Also, don’t forget to bring some board games for rainy days.

Woolacombe beach and sea

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